Drones Used In Disaster Areas


Part 107 Pilots Drafted In

The Use Of Drones In Disaster Areas

After the hurricanes that hit in the USA and Puerto Rico part 107 pilots where brought in from all over to help search and rescue. Insurance and telecom companies also used drone for damage assessment. California's wild fires also seen drone pilots drafted in from all over to help with the devastation that was left behind, once again power companies use them asses the damage done to power lines. For more pictures of power lines and towers go to https://www.beautifulprintsonline.com/comercial


The drone industry

There are unique opportunities for companies to save money these days if they are open to this new way of doing things. The drone industry is growing beyond belief and at a staggering pace.  Three of the benefits of getting a drone in to do the job is the time it can save in comparison to conventional ways, hours and not days. Safety is another big factor and also cost.