The Future Is Here


Drone Aerial Photography

  • Drone Hire Can Save You Money 
  • Roof Condition Documentation,  
  • Agriculture 
  • 3D Mapping 
  • Construction industries. 
  • The safer and more cost effective way of doing things. 
  • Hiring cherry pickers or scaffolding can cost a small fortune and cause logistical problems. 
  • A job that can take days to do, can now be completed in a few hours using a drone.


Why Drones

The introduction of drones will change the world dramatically over the next few years, from flying cars to search and rescue, from safety inspections to 3d mapping, a future with drones has arrived.   This is a multi million pound Industry and its only in its infancy. The technology is advancing at a extremely fast pace with more efficient cameras, 3rd party apps and mission planning software.   With this new and affordable way to produce outstanding aerial photography, drones are being used more and more, not only by amateur photographers but also the movie industry. Today if you're watching T.V or a movie you will see a drone shot somewhere in the picture.   From a safety aspect drones are saving lives in many ways. When it comes to the likes of cell tower's, off-shore facilities like Wind Turbines, power lines and other high infrastructure inspections, a drone is often the cheapest and safest way to go about it, showing enormous expenditure savings on manpower and logistics.   Construction can be monitored throughout its build cycle, giving regular updates to the client on how the build is progressing, what materials are on site, in fact a whole range of things including health and safety such as Site Safety Mapping.


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